Lagarto visits, the room goes crazy

last week Lucio Lagarto visited the Forge home of GB Sheffield to put on one of his ‘Big Classes’ and man was it a big class, 50 people on the mats shows that the club is growing daily, there were quite a few people missing also.

Lagarto showed us some useful additions to our games, and showed the white belts (many of who had never met Lagarto or see his level of Jits in person) so great defense and details which would help them no end.

Then to the promotions, lots of stripes given out (sorry too many to name) Blue belt promotions for ‘lil’ Adam, Dymitri, Kyle and my good friend and legal advisor Che ‘samurai’ Naz er or what ever we call him. Jake also recieved his orange belt.

Lagartos speech

i’m doing this from memory so forgive me Lagarto if i get it wrong.

Guys i love you all like my family especially you Hock & Holl. ūüôā

When we are talking about jiu jitsu, its more than about the fight, its about the life.

I live for jiu jitsu, I live for my family you guys are my family, everything i do in jiu jitsu i do for you, we train to be better but its not about you smash your frends in the gym, poke him in the eye and then kick him in the balls. You train hard and you tap so you learn and you get better.

I know i always want to make my living from jiu jitsu, everyday i get up and want to train, even when my body hurts and i want to stay in bet, jiu jitsu makes me get up and train. Even if i never make any money from jiu jitsu i would not change. I would rather train every day and be happy then look at my bank at the end of the month and go AAAAAAAARRRRRGGHHHH (Lagartos exact words) than work in an office and be sad but look at my bank and be WHOOOOOOOOOOO (again exact words)

When i give out the belts i look at the guy/girl and i think is this person mature enough for this belt. Age has nothing to do with it when i look at a guy for blue belt i say this 16 year old boy is good and his attitude is right. even though he is only 16 he is more like a man of 18. At purple belt you are like a 25 year old, you take responsibility for you life and try to be a good person. At brown belt you are like a 30 year old, you have a job and look after your family. Then at Black belt you are like a 35 year old, you work hard to give your family the best, you help them grow and get better, your are there for them in everything they do and hope they grow up right.

Guys you are my family and i see you all growing every time i visit, i hope i have given you the help you need and you will grow and become better, i hope i have done my job right and you help each other. with that Mr John come get your BLACK BELT…………

the room goes crazy

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Gracie Barra “Livin’ the Dream”

Its been a good week for GB,

Roger wins his MMA bout by submission in round 1

Braulio wins Gold at the Euros and dedicvates the win to Steve Fan R.I.P

and Lagarto wins Gold at the Euros, and promotes his first Black Belt in Paul Hartly

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Bruno Alves BJJ Seminar

Gracie Barra Sheffield are hosting a Seminar taken by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt BRUNO ALVES.

He is a BJJ World Champion (2008) 2x European Champion, 2009 Pan American Silver medalist, 2010 South American Champion and 2010 silver Rio Open and World Cup medalist.

This is your chance to train with a champion level BJJ Black belt, this seminar is open to ALL but please be advised that all places must be payed for in advance.

The cost is £25.


visit or!/group.php?gid=6430369507

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New price and classes at The Forge BJJ/MMA


The price structure at The Forge has changed.

£45 per month now gets you BOTH BJJ and MMA there is NO extra charge to train both.

So for £45 per month you can train upto 17 lessons a week.

If you choose to pay for the year its £495 (saving £120) and you get a free Gracie Barra Gi.

Kids classes are £3:50 each or £25 per month

Student discount still applies.

Time table is as follows:

Mon: 5:15-6 kids BJJ

          6-7 Fundamental BJJ

          7-8 Intermediate BJJ (White 3 stripe & above)

          8-8:30 BJJ Sparing

Tues: 10-11 Open mat

           6-7 MMA Bag work

           7-8 MMA Technical

           8-8:30 MMA Sparing

Wed:  5:15-6 kids BJJ

          6-7 Fundamental BJJ

          7-8 Intermediate BJJ (White 3 stripe & above)

          8-8:30 BJJ Sparing

Thurs: 10-11 Open mat

           6-7 MMA Cardio

           7-8 MMA Technical

           8-8:30 MMA Sparing

Fri: 6-7 BJJ Sparing

      7-8 NoGi Grappling

Sat: 10-11 Kids BJJ

        11-1 Open mat

If you introduce a friend, for every month they pay the £45 you will get a months half price training upto 3 months.

This can be incremental, ie: introduce two and you can get a months half price and so on.

See John for more details.

any questions please contact John Goldson

tel 07738588925


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Recap: Goals for 2011

Just so i’ve written it down and can’t cheat.

Goals and Aims for 2011:-

DeadLift 200kg (440lb) 

Squat 200kg (440lb)

Bench 100kg (220lb)

Complete the BEAR 

Compete in BJJ and Grappling at least 3 times this year aiming for some medals at purple belt.

Work on my stand up.

Help build The Forge Team in to a force to be recond with.

Refine my BJJ to a better level, DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS.  

Build muscle memory by drilling more

Increase flexability

Thanks for reading Gregg

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Man Vs Bear

Ok so its not a real bear, this bear is a complex barbell set made up of a deadlift, into a clean, into a front squat, into a shoulder press, into a normal squat, into a shoulder press and back to a deadlift.


ITS HARD…. no bones about it its hard.

I have done this during two of my gym sessions and as yet i have failed to complete the whole number of sets, because its not a conventionl stlye lift i was having problems finding a weight to work at, too heavy and i cant finish too light and its not a challenge.

I’ll find the balance, but one thing is for sure. Its a great whole body work out.

Now for the goals for 2011:

I want to compete more in bjj and grappling – I am aiming for at least 3 comps

I want to get the 200kg (440lb)  Deadlift РMy personal best so far is 180kg (396lb) РThis i will do with the help of Grandão himself during our early morning gym sessions.

I want to develop some form of standup – something which i have very little experence with aside from my one kick i learnt from a samurai…..

And last but not least i wish for world peace and to work with animals.

‚ÄúIt is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.‚ÄĚ

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Lizard in the snow

Saturday the 18th saw GB Sheffield host the last Lagarto class of the year.

This class was a little different from previous classes as it was a “workshop style” where we asked for specific advice from positions, i felt proud that everyone who asked questions thought about what they wanted and no one asked “how do you do a flying armbar” or how do i tap him from here.

The maxim of position before submission is a strong force at the gym, anf everyone took the chance to improve their game in a strategic and meaning full way.

First was some defence and ideas from being in a high mount position, looking at your safety “what can be attacked” “where can they go” etc. when and how to move inorder to stay safe and progress and improve.

Second (my favourite and infact my question) how to move from being in side mount under a strong or technical opponant who wont allow you to regain any type of guard (again me being small, fat and not flexable i struggle to regain guard but can usually roll to turtle – where i get clock choked. So this was how to make the transition smoother and safer.)

This was a great move as Lagarto showed us a better way to turn and be on the offensive when you get to your knees – this i liked but i need to work it more. drill drill drill

Third was recovering guard from a tight half guard control, again simple movment and control of your opponants centre of gravity were the key to this, a move even i could do.

Now to The LAGARTO GWARD……..

Somethings have to remain secret and this isone of them Рall you need to know is its going to blow your mind.

From all at GB SHEFFIELD I would just like to say thankyou to Lagarto and merry christmas to you all (yes thats right all 4 of you who read this blog Stew, Ant, Ross and Naz i know you care even if no one else reads this)

Merry Christmas Gregg

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