Judo dazed and happy 

Today I entered my 4th Judo tournament, this time the Sheffield University Kyu Grade Championship.

Unlike my previous judo jaunts this time I was joined by 3 of my team mates from the Forge. Ants, Adam and Paul.

Ming as ever coaching and Maia doing her best at filming us all (whilst being a nervous wreck)

It was great to have support and see the other guys fight. All of them in their first judo comp.

Some truly note worthy events during the comp.

1 Adam’s  perfectly times foot sweep for the ippon 

2 Ant’s  Tome Nage followed by another Tome Nage 

3 Paul’s beautiful ground work

My own favourite moment was my last fight finishing with an armbar.  

This was my first tournament where I actually thought about tactics and using the rules to my advantage.

 In previous competitions I have been criticised by experienced Judo guys for going for submissions, when a perfectly good pin was already held and almost won.

Thus my lack of cardiovascular umph and strong competition from the other lads in my division, led my to use what ever opportunities were available.

So recap of the day

Fight 1 – win by submission  (Dan Severn Choke)

Fight 2 – win by pin (mount)

Fight 3 – loss on points (this ended up being discounted as my opponent retired from the comp due to injury)

Fight 4 – win by pin (mount)

Fight 5 – win by submission  (armbar)

All in all great day.

My judo record now stands at

17 wins 2 losses and no draws

Big love



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Bjj black belt. Cake ninja and generally nice guy........ apparently Things I have achieved: Gracie Invertational - Gold Medal (White Belt) Northern BJJ Open - Silver Medal (Blue Belt) British Open - Bronze Medal (Purple Belt) Mulitple other medals in UMA, No Gi Grappling, and FILA Comps People I have had the Honour of training with: From Gracie Barra: Lucio Lagarto Lucio Sergio Braulio Estima Victor Estima Carlos Gracie Jnr Roger Gracie Gabriel Kitober Octavio Souza Others: Reyson Gracie Royce Gracie Rodrigo Gracie Mike Bisping Gazzy Parman Larry Hartsall
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One Response to Judo dazed and happy 

  1. Ants says:

    Awesome to fight along side you bro!

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