Its been a while….. who are you again?

Its been a while, well actually my last post was just after my youngest daughter was born………. shes 2 in March.
My bad, life got in the way.
So why have I come back to this blog?
A good friend of mine has recently returned to training after a very long absence due to a major back injury (nothing to do with bjj) Hes the guy who got me blogging in the first place, and with the return of his blog I feel inspired to resurect mine.

So, what have I been upto?
In December 2012 I got my brown belt. I was as shocked as anyone.
I got my first stripe in December 2013 and im happy with that pace.
Me and some of the team finished Tough Mudder 2013 in north Yorkshire.
My kids are growing up fast, work is manic and bjj took a bit of a back seat in the last 12 months.
Hopefully I have fixed some of my scheduling issues and will be on the mat more often.

I will attempt to chronicle my training, interests and anything else I feel the internet may want to know about.

For now, peace out.

Remember “you cand spell legendary wirh out leg day. 



About Flex McCash

Bjj black belt. Cake ninja and generally nice guy........ apparently Things I have achieved: Gracie Invertational - Gold Medal (White Belt) Northern BJJ Open - Silver Medal (Blue Belt) British Open - Bronze Medal (Purple Belt) Mulitple other medals in UMA, No Gi Grappling, and FILA Comps People I have had the Honour of training with: From Gracie Barra: Lucio Lagarto Lucio Sergio Braulio Estima Victor Estima Carlos Gracie Jnr Roger Gracie Gabriel Kitober Octavio Souza Others: Reyson Gracie Royce Gracie Rodrigo Gracie Mike Bisping Gazzy Parman Larry Hartsall
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