Lizard in the snow

Saturday the 18th saw GB Sheffield host the last Lagarto class of the year.

This class was a little different from previous classes as it was a “workshop style” where we asked for specific advice from positions, i felt proud that everyone who asked questions thought about what they wanted and no one asked “how do you do a flying armbar” or how do i tap him from here.

The maxim of position before submission is a strong force at the gym, anf everyone took the chance to improve their game in a strategic and meaning full way.

First was some defence and ideas from being in a high mount position, looking at your safety “what can be attacked” “where can they go” etc. when and how to move inorder to stay safe and progress and improve.

Second (my favourite and infact my question) how to move from being in side mount under a strong or technical opponant who wont allow you to regain any type of guard (again me being small, fat and not flexable i struggle to regain guard but can usually roll to turtle – where i get clock choked. So this was how to make the transition smoother and safer.)

This was a great move as Lagarto showed us a better way to turn and be on the offensive when you get to your knees – this i liked but i need to work it more. drill drill drill

Third was recovering guard from a tight half guard control, again simple movment and control of your opponants centre of gravity were the key to this, a move even i could do.

Now to The LAGARTO GWARD……..

Somethings have to remain secret and this isone of them – all you need to know is its going to blow your mind.

From all at GB SHEFFIELD I would just like to say thankyou to Lagarto and merry christmas to you all (yes thats right all 4 of you who read this blog Stew, Ant, Ross and Naz i know you care even if no one else reads this)

Merry Christmas Gregg


About Flex McCash

Bjj black belt. Cake ninja and generally nice guy........ apparently Things I have achieved: Gracie Invertational - Gold Medal (White Belt) Northern BJJ Open - Silver Medal (Blue Belt) British Open - Bronze Medal (Purple Belt) Mulitple other medals in UMA, No Gi Grappling, and FILA Comps People I have had the Honour of training with: From Gracie Barra: Lucio Lagarto Lucio Sergio Braulio Estima Victor Estima Carlos Gracie Jnr Roger Gracie Gabriel Kitober Octavio Souza Others: Reyson Gracie Royce Gracie Rodrigo Gracie Mike Bisping Gazzy Parman Larry Hartsall
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5 Responses to Lizard in the snow

  1. james fairclough says:

    lol … i read too sometimes gregster x

  2. isaninja says:

    Was a great class, learnt alot, learnt some more much needed survival!

    Merry Christmas mate

  3. 'Monster' says:

    Always a good read Big Man, really liked that side mount work as well. Nice one for bringing that up.

  4. Ming Wong says:

    First time I’ve been introduced to the Lagarto gward….but I have to say I’m hooked!!
    See you on the mat!

  5. David "Fiddy" T says:

    Yes, I’m also a casual reader…

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