A small lady nearly made me throw up! Thank you Gazzy

Just to set the scene….

Sheffield is under nearly 2 feet of snow in parts and the gym is freezing.

The seminar started about 30 minutes late to allow people time to arrive, with some not making it to the gym due to the conditions.

Still a decent turnout of abot 20 (10ish not being able due to weather) not bad for a small club in the north.

The class started with Gazzy giving a quick talk and answering questions whilst everyone stretched and prepared for the ‘epic’ walm up which had been forcast. A bucket was brought on to the mats incase anyone needed to be sick during our guests ‘light’ walm up, thankfully no one needed it. (but john now seems to have a passion for brutal warm ups, so thanks Gazzy)



To be honest there wasnt much in the way of exercises which we as a club didnt already do, with the exeption of some variations in movement. Gazzy gave clear and help full pointers and reasons for trying the different technique. Which helped when i was breathing through my eye lashes….. did i mention it was hard.


Now to the meat and bones, i loved this part. Gazzy showed a nice movement drill which could be turned into a very nice choke (my move of the session*) and i practiced with the “king of sting” him self Mr Stew Norriss of the Blog fame.

We were then showen some of Gazzy’s Famous Moves, including the Gazzynator, Gazzytron and the Gazzycon. These i need to work on, and shall report back when i master them. (this may take a while, go make a cuppa)

All in all, i really enjoyed the seminar and would recomend anyone to train with Gazzy if you get the chance, as well as being a top level fighter she is also a genuinely nice person.

Thanks for reading and stay classy.

 Quote of the blog: Strength does not come from physical capacity.
It comes from an indomitable will.
-Mahatma Gandhi


About Flex McCash

Bjj black belt. Cake ninja and generally nice guy........ apparently Things I have achieved: Gracie Invertational - Gold Medal (White Belt) Northern BJJ Open - Silver Medal (Blue Belt) British Open - Bronze Medal (Purple Belt) Mulitple other medals in UMA, No Gi Grappling, and FILA Comps People I have had the Honour of training with: From Gracie Barra: Lucio Lagarto Lucio Sergio Braulio Estima Victor Estima Carlos Gracie Jnr Roger Gracie Gabriel Kitober Octavio Souza Others: Reyson Gracie Royce Gracie Rodrigo Gracie Mike Bisping Gazzy Parman Larry Hartsall
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One Response to A small lady nearly made me throw up! Thank you Gazzy

  1. 'Monster' says:

    Was a great day. 🙂

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